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Seabed mining company drops appeal
12 December 2014 A "victory for common sense" was Kiwis Against Seabed Mining’s reaction today to Trans Tasman Resources’ news that it will drop its attempt to reverse the EPA’s rejection of its seabed mining application.

New Zealand government grants massive subsidy to deep sea mining firm before legal ruling is in
11 December 2014 “Astonishing and irresponsible” is how experts and environmentalists have greeted the news that the Government of New Zealand has granted a subsidy of up to $20 million to a company proposing to operate a deep sea mine, while a legal Hearing on its application to do so is still deliberating.

Trawling makes for skinny flatfish
10 December 2014 Trawling the seabed doesn't just remove some of the fishes living there; it also makes some of the survivors thinner and less healthy by forcing them to use more energy finding less nutritious food.

Coral Thrive Off U.S. Atlantic Coast, But Threatened
10 December 2014 A hidden world thrives more than a mile and a half beneath the waves, in the inky blackness roughly 80 miles offshore the Atlantic's coastline. There you can find corals in all colors of the rainbow and a menagerie of sea life with evocative names, such as the whiplash squid, dumbo octopus, sea butterfly (which is actually a snail), sea toad and tonguefish.

25 November 2014 Several NGOs (Access Info, Ecologistas en Acción, Fundació ENT, Greenpeace, Oceana, WWF and the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition) have submitted a request for information to the Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment in order to clarify the impact of the European Commission's proposal for a new regulation for the management of deep-sea fishing in the Northeast Atlantic on the Spanish deep-sea fleet.

Ban deep-sea bottom trawling? It is still possible!
19 November 2014 Today, a gathering orchestrated by BLOOM in collaboration with several NGOs including an international coalition of over 70 organizations - the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition - is taking place in front of a forum in Paris on the theme of "tomorrow's fisheries".

Reforming the EU deep-sea fishing regulation: A net win for the UK
19 November 2014 Deep-sea fishing fleets, predominantly foreign vessels, using bottom trawl gear are severely damaging vast expanses of the UK's deep sea, an environment so fragile that it may never recover and they are doing so in pursuit of only a few fish species and for very little, if any, economic gain. Reform of EU deep-sea fisheries is urgently needed if this vital but fragile deep-sea environment is to be protected.

Fish Carbon – Meeting the Climate Change Challenge
19 November 2014 In response to the call by the United Nations to provide innovative solutions to address the climate challenge and to prevent global biodiversity loss, GRID-Arendal, a centre collaborating with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and Blue Climate Solutions, a project of The Ocean Foundation, have produced a report on the potential of marine vertebrates to readily fill this void.

Chatham mining will 'destroy' rare seabed life
17 November 2014 Phosphate mining should not be allowed on the Chatham Rise as it will damage marine environments, environment groups say.

Hearing could Affect Global Spread of Deep Seabed Mining
17 November 2014 Concluding arguments in a case which could set international precedents for deep seabed mining were heard today, in Wellington, New Zealand.

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