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Message in a bottle
3 July 2015 SOS! Desperately seeking a new EU Deep-sea Fishing Regulation

Download our briefing paper Missing At Sea – a new EU deep-sea fishing regulation
3 July 2015 Destruction continues as governments delay reform

C'è un deserto in fondo al mare
2 July 2015 Uno studio scientifico e un rapporto europeo raccontano la devastazione causata dalla pesca a strascico.

Perfect storm
24 June 2015 Action needs to be taken to mitigate the effects of climate change on deep-sea ecosystems.

Tiny octopus so cute it may be named 'adorabilis'
18 June 2015 The fist-sized pink octopus is so cute scientists may call her "Opisthoteuthis Adorabilis". Anyone charmed enough by the cute creature to want to see one in the wild would have to dive in the Pacific to between 200 and 600 metres to where the water is only six degrees Celsius.

Pêche : les poissons qu’il faut éviter de consommer
18 June 2015 Parce que certaines espèces de poissons sont menacées d’extinction, la Commission européenne tente de renforcer son encadrement des pêches en eaux profondes.

Deep-sea fish caught by French trawlers off Scotland listed as 'endangered' by the IUCN
17 June 2015 The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has published the first comprehensive assessment of the state of health of fish in European seas and concluded that two of the three deepwater fish species mainly targeted by French industrial bottom trawlers in UK waters, off Scotland, are threatened with extinction!

DSCC calls for urgent action by EU Fisheries Ministers
16 June 2015 As the European Union Fisheries Council meets today in Luxembourg, the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition calls on Ministers to progress negotiations of a new regulation for the management of deep-sea fisheries so it may be concluded without further delay.

Vote Aids Deep Sea Corals in Much of Mid-Atlantic
10 June 2015 The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council voted Wednesday to protect deep sea corals from most bottom fishing over about 38,000 square miles of ocean, running from New York to Virginia.

Cómo afrontar la pesca en aguas profundas
9 June 2015 La Deep Sea Conservation Coalition insta a la UE a tomar medidas para regular esta práctica.

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