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Landing The Blame – Overfishing In The Deep Sea 2017-18
4 January 2017 Fisheries ministers risk damaging our natural resources beyond repair by consistently setting fishing limits above scientific advice. This is our third year running a series of briefings to identify which Member States are standing in the way of more fish, more profits, and more jobs for European citizens.

India promises to phase out bottom-trawling, points to new initiatives
2 January 2017 India on Monday assured Sri Lanka that it would phase out bottom trawling in a “graded, time-bound manner”, pointing to upcoming initiatives to train Indian fishermen in alternative fishing methods.

Bizarre New Deep Sea Creatures Found in Unexplored Hydrothermal Vents
16 December 2016 Marine biologists have discovered six new animal species in undersea hot springs nearly two miles deep in the southwest Indian Ocean—an area already slated for future seafloor mining.

German NGOs call for a ban on deep sea mining
15 December 2016 The German Federation for Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND), member of Seas At Risk, called for a ban on deep sea mining together with several other German NGOs (PowerShift, Fair Oceans, Brot für die Welt, MISEREOR, Stiftung Asienhaus, Forum Umwelt und Entwicklung).

Deep sea life needs 'better protection' from mining, says Victoria University researcher
14 December 2016 A researcher who has uncovered new insights into New Zealand's ocean environment says seafloor communities need better protection against any future deep-sea mining.

Seabed mining in PNG: environmental experiment, false hope of economic returns
14 December 2016 Nautilus Minerals pedaled false hope for experimental seabed mining at the Papua New Guinea Petroleum and Mining Conference in Sydney. NGOs and civil society in PNG raise serious doubt about the commercial and environmental viability of the Solwara 1 seabed mining project.

Conservationists urge full implementation of new EU regulation on deep-sea fishing formally adopted today
13 December 2016 The European Parliament today concluded a long process of negotiation by voting to adopt a new regulation on deep-sea fishing, including a ban on bottom trawling below 800 meters in EU waters, and an obligation to close deep-sea areas to bottom fishing to protect vulnerable marine ecosystems (VMEs). The Parliament vote to approve the regulation paves the way for its entry into force early in the new year. The priority now is to ensure vigorous and effective implementation.

European Parliament bans trawling below 800m in EU waters
13 December 2016 The European Parliament today (13 December) approved a Regulation establishing new rules for fishing in the North-East Atlantic, including ALDE’s support for a total ban of bottom trawling below 800 meters in EU waters. The lack of a proper regulation and the development of industrial fisheries in the EU during the last decades led to a dramatic stock depletion and destruction of marine habitat. This ban, setting a worldwide precedent, will help to protect vulnerable deep-sea marine ecosystems more effectively by setting stricter conditions on deep-sea fisheries.

NZ Anti-seabed mining group claims record level of support
12 December 2016 The group fighting plans to mine millions of tonnes of sand off the South Taranaki coast is claiming record numbers of people have backed its campaign.

Concern over experimental seabed mining and fisheries in Pacific
9 December 2016 The Pacific’s two largest fisheries blocs – the Pacific Islands Fisheries Forum Agency and Parties the Nauru Agreement – are treating the issue of experimental seabed mining cautiously.

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