sea anemone Sponges Coral bottom trawling

NGOs send joint letter to Commissioner Vella calling on the Commission to ensure effective implementation of new EU regulation to protect deep-sea ecosystems from the harmful impacts of deep-sea fishing
21 April 2017 Dear Commissioner Vella, In January 2017, the new EU regulation1 establishing specific conditions for fishing for deep-sea stocks in the northeast Atlantic entered into force. We appreciate the constructive role played by the Commission in the negotiation of this regulation. It is an important step forward for the implementation of environmental provisions of EU and international fisheries and marine law. However, the significance of this legislative achievement will ultimately be measured by how well it is implemented.

Fishery in the Adriatic: Last Call for Jabuka Pit – Croatia Must Play its Part
29 March 2017 On the eve of the Ministerial Conference on Mediterranean Fisheries (Malta, 29-30 March 2017) Greenpeace in Croatia, NAŠ Jadran, Ad Adriaticum, BIOM, Clean Adriatic Sea Alliance, Eco Hvar, Udruga Održivi Otok, and Udruga Zdravi Grad urge Minister Tomislav Tolušic to promote the full protection of the Jabuka Pit from bottom trawling and set longliners.

World's First Deep-Sea Mining Venture Set to Launch in 2019
24 March 2017 Remote-controlled robots will journey to the bottom of the ocean in search of copper, nickel, cobalt, gold, and platinum as global demand for minerals surges.

Deep-sea corals reveal why atmospheric carbon was reduced during colder time periods
14 March 2017 Efficient nutrient consumption by plankton in the Southern Ocean drove carbon sequestration in the deep ocean during the ice ages, a new study suggests.

Sri Lankan bill to ban bottom trawling to be passed this month
13 March 2017 A bill to ban the pernicious practice of bottom trawling, which will affect thousands of Sri Lankans and Indians fishing in the sea between Sri Lanka and India, is to be passed by the Sri Lankan parliament by March end.

Deep sea life faces dark future due to warming and food shortage
23 February 2017 New study reveals negative impact of climate change, human activity, acidification and deoxygenation on ocean and its creatures

Important submarine canyons ecosystems are at risk
22 February 2017 NOC scientists contributed to a recent review of studies of submarine canyons, which identified they are at risk from human activities, and require better protection.

Study: Deep-sea mining causes long-lasting ecological damage
10 February 2017 No commercial deep-sea mining operations are yet underway, but the International Seabed Authority has issued several exploratory mining licenses.

Seamounts on the High Seas Should Be Managed as Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems
25 January 2017 The authors of a new paper find that, as true and functional VMEs, all seamounts should be protected in perpetuity from bottom fishing gear and other forms of direct human disturbance, including seabed mining.

How could Nautilus Minerals get a social licence to operate the world's first deep sea mine?
12 January 2017 It is now twenty years since people began to debate the question of how mining companies could show that they possessed a ‘social licence’ for industrial activities that are known to have significant environmental and social costs.

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