9 March, 2022

Source: Endangered Species Foundation

Author: Natalie Jessup

We are excited to announce that The Endangered Species Foundation has today joined the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition as our newest member.

The Endangered Species Foundation supports high-priority conservation initiatives that protect New Zealand’s most vulnerable, indigenous species from extinction and supports the DSCC in its aims to substantially reduce the greatest threats to deep sea life.

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8 March, 2022

Source: Stuff

Author: Andrea Vance

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark has joined calls to ban bottom trawling on seamounts.

Clark acknowledged that the ocean is under mounting pressure from the impacts of climate change and bottom trawling, whilst facing a new emerging threat, deep-sea mining.

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22 February, 2022

Source: Otago Daily Times

Author: Oscar Francis

A new mural being painted in Dunedin, New Zealand aims to highlight the environmental damage caused by deep-sea trawlers in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s deep-sea biodiversity hotspots are at risk from the destructive bottom trawling with New Zealand the only country left in the South Pacific to allow the practice.

The mural painted by Artist Cinzah Merkens is the latest in the DSCC’s Defend The Deep series with one in Auckland already completed and one in Ragalan and Wellington yet to come.

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