Source: Stanford Arts Review
Author: Rishik Kumar

Thanks to evidence found in the deep sea, an ancient mystery regarding the solar system have been solved.

Professor Walner was conducting research at the Australian National University (ANU). His study showed Earth has been traveling for the last 33,000 years through a cloud of faintly radioactive dust.

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Source: New Atlas
Author: Michael Irving

All kinds of fascinating discoveries are likely lying in wait for us in the deep sea. Now scientists have pulled a new monster out of the waters off the coast of Indonesia. The creature is a new species of “supergiant” isopod, a huge marine relative of the common pillbug.

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Source: Gizmodo Earther

The Great Barrier Reef has been having a rough year. Warm waters have led to record coral bleaching this year and could hasten the reef’s die-off. But while surface corals are suffering, nearly a mile beneath the surface, deep-sea corals near the Great Barrier Reef are thriving.

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