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Author: Richard Black

Little has been done to protect marine life since the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, conservation scientists conclude.  On pledges to protect key habitat and restrict the size of fishing fleets, they say progress has been “pitiful”.  Their analysis is carried in the journal Science and is being discussed during final preparations for the Rio+20 summit, which opens next week.

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Source: The Economist

JAMES CAMERON knows how to make a splash. Literally. On March 25th the director of “The Terminator”, “Titanic” and “Avatar” plunged into the Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench, 500km (300 miles) from Guam. When he reached the bottom, he sent a self-congratulatory tweet, and then tootled about for a couple of hours before taking Deepsea Challenger, his lime-green one-man submarine, back up the 11km to the surface.

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Source: The Extremo Files

Author: Jeffrey Marlow

The race to the deepest point in the ocean – the Challenger Deep, 10,902* meters beneath the surface – is heating up.  National Geographic recently went public with its flashy website tracking James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge effort (some reports characterize his attempt as imminent); Virgin Oceanic is working on its effort to tag the deepest points in all five oceans; and DOER marine is perfecting its blueprints, hoping to build a submersible that remains attractive to scientists long after the benthic silt settles on this renewed “race to the bottom”.

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“For too long, the world acted as if the oceans were somehow a realm apart – as areas owned by noone, free for all, with little need for care or management… This common heritage of all humankind continues to face profound pressures.

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