25 November, 2020

Source: UConn
Author: Elaina Hancock

While seasonal holidays and associated feasts may occupy our thoughts in the coming weeks, a team of researchers including Peter Auster, UConn Marine Science Research Professor Emeritus and Senior Research Scientist at Mystic Aquarium, got a chance to be distant guest at a more primal feast rarely observed.

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24 November, 2020

Source: CBS8
Author: Neda Iranpour

There are parts of this planet that have yet to be explored, even right off the coast of Southern California. There’s an area known as “Borderlands” that’s rich in minerals and made up of deep canyons, ridges, and seamounts.

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13 November, 2020

Source: Republik
Author: Sabrina Weiss

Valuable raw materials for batteries, wind systems and solar systems lie on the seabed. The energy transition cannot be achieved without them. Raw material companies want to mine them quickly – also with money from Switzerland. How high can the ecological price for a clean energy future be?

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