29 October, 2021

Source: Scoop

New data shows up to seven tonnes of coral has been brought up to the surface of the ocean by commercial bottom trawl fishers in a single year.

However, this may just be the tip of the iceberg according to new science, which reveals that 7 tonnes coming up would mean that somewhere between 763 and 2,401 tonnes of coral were being destroyed on the seabed.

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2 September, 2021

We’re hiring!

The DSCC are currently recruiting for a new Assistant Coordinator (part-time)- a key role in ensuring the smooth running of operations, supporting our work to protect the health of the deep from the key threats it faces.

If you’re interested in joining the team and helping us to defend the deep, take a look at the terms of reference for the position here.

We ask that interested candidates send over a CV in English and a 1-page motivation letter to info@savethehighseas.org by 20th September 2021. 

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss the role in more detail.

12 August, 2021

Source: Greenpeace

Author: Ellie Hooper

Greenpeace activists highlighted the critical need to ban bottom trawling on seamounts, confronting Talley’s ship the Amaltal Explorer at sea.

A small team of activists deployed banners from an inflatable boat in the port of Dunedin calling for an end to bottom trawling on seamounts.

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13 July, 2021

Source: Forbes

Author: Melissa Cristina Márquez

Founder of The Fins United Initiative, Melissa Cristina Márquez, highlights the crucial need to better understand life in the deep and introduces new research projects led by DSCC members, Beneath the Waves, which aim to increase our understanding of deep sea life in the Caribbean.

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