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Ban deep-sea bottom trawling? It is still possible!
19 November 2014 Today, a gathering orchestrated by BLOOM in collaboration with several NGOs including an international coalition of over 70 organizations - the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition - is taking place in front of a forum in Paris on the theme of "tomorrow's fisheries".

Reforming the EU deep-sea fishing regulation: A net win for the UK
19 November 2014 Deep-sea fishing fleets, predominantly foreign vessels, using bottom trawl gear are severely damaging vast expanses of the UK's deep sea, an environment so fragile that it may never recover and they are doing so in pursuit of only a few fish species and for very little, if any, economic gain. Reform of EU deep-sea fisheries is urgently needed if this vital but fragile deep-sea environment is to be protected.

Fish Carbon – Meeting the Climate Change Challenge
19 November 2014 In response to the call by the United Nations to provide innovative solutions to address the climate challenge and to prevent global biodiversity loss, GRID-Arendal, a centre collaborating with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and Blue Climate Solutions, a project of The Ocean Foundation, have produced a report on the potential of marine vertebrates to readily fill this void.

Chatham mining will 'destroy' rare seabed life
17 November 2014 Phosphate mining should not be allowed on the Chatham Rise as it will damage marine environments, environment groups say.

Hearing could Affect Global Spread of Deep Seabed Mining
17 November 2014 Concluding arguments in a case which could set international precedents for deep seabed mining were heard today, in Wellington, New Zealand.

North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission makes limited progress to protect deep-sea species and habitats
14 November 2014 London, November 14, 2014 - The North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC) this week agreed to close six new areas totaling around 11,000 square kilometres to bottom fishing to protect vulnerable deep-sea species ecosystems and extended its prohibition on the catch of several shark species.

DSCC startet Tiefsee-Kampagne in Deutschland
14 November 2014 In der deutschen Presse veröffentlichte Anzeigen fordern Fischereiminister Schmidt dazu auf, im Kampf um den Schutz der europäischen Tiefsee eine Führungsrolle zu übernehmen.

DSCC launches deep-sea advert in Germany
14 November 2014 Adverts published in the German press asking Fisheries Minister Schmidt to take a lead in helping secure Europe’s deep seas.

Oceana denounces Council decision on deep-sea fishing opportunities
11 November 2014 Yesterday, the Council of Fisheries Ministers of the European Union reached an agreement on fishing opportunities for deep-sea species for 2015 and 2016. Although catches will be reduced for many deep-sea stocks, Oceana is deeply disappointed that catch limits were nevertheless set higher than scientifically advised for 63% of stocks, putting these vulnerable species at serious risk.

EU Ministers Allow Continued Overfishing of Deep-Sea Fish Stocks
10 November 2014 The European Union’s Council of Fisheries Ministers on Nov. 10 agreed to 2015 and 2016 fishing limits for deep-sea fish stocks that exceed the levels recommended by the scientific advice. This decision is not consistent with new Common Fisheries Policy.

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