sea anemone Sponges Coral bottom trawling

Richard P. Von Herzen, Explorer of Earth’s Undersea Furnaces, Dies at 85
8 February 2016 Richard P. Von Herzen, an explorer who found that the icy depths of the deep sea conceal vast regions of simmering heat, died on Jan. 28 in Portola Valley, Calif. In 1977, Dr. Von Herzen’s expedition to what then seemed like an anomalously warm ridge resulted in a spectacular discovery.

SMD Delivers Deep Sea Mining Vehicles
3 February 2016 Subsea engineering company SMD has passed a significant milestone as the MV Happy Delta, loaded with the world’s first deep sea mining vehicles, has left the Port of Tyne in the UK.

Suspend orange roughy fishing in the South Pacific until stocks are effectively assessed
29 January 2016 At the South Pacific regional fisheries management organization's fourth Commission meeting in Valdivia, Chile (January 25-29), the DSCC called for fishing of orange roughy to be suspended pending long-overdue stock assessments.

Why we’ve been hugely underestimating the overfishing of the oceans
19 January 2016 The state of the world’s fish stocks may be in worse shape than official reports indicate, according to new data — a possibility with worrying consequences for both international food security and marine ecosystems.

Reaction to COP21: Gains for the Ocean but More is Needed
12 December 2015 Responding to the final Agreement text announced at COP21 today, ocean groups were positive about a growing recognition for the importance of the ocean in climate change but disappointed by the lack of overall ambition in terms of reducing levels of dangerous CO2 in the atmosphere.

Joint Letter To: Representatives of the European Parliament, Council, and Commission
9 December 2015 Re: Priorities for trilogue negotiations on a regulation for deep-sea fishing in the northeast Atlantic.

Oceans are more vital than you think
8 December 2015 Almost daily we hear that the oceans are in trouble -- overfishing, melting glaciers, rising seas, acidifying waters, expanding dead zones, escalating marine debris and starving seals to name a few. Seabirds around the world have declined by 70% since the 1950s, while current extinction rates are1,000 times normal background rates.

Keeping A Healthy Deep Sea Helps Mitigate Climate Change
7 December 2015 During current negotiations at the UN Climate Conference (COP21) in Paris, citizens, politicians and NGOs are wondering whether the outcome of this conference will serve to better protect the oceans in order to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Shipwrecks at risk from 'fishing bulldozers'
29 November 2015 A marine archaeologist warns urgent action is needed to stop heavy modern fishing nets obliterating important historic artefacts

España Sigue Esquivando Buenas Medidas Para La Protección De Las Aguas Profundas
25 November 2015 Ayer, miembros de la Coalición para la Conservación de las Aguas Profundas (DSCC, por sus siglas en inglés) se reunieron con la Secretaría General de Pesca para discutir la posición de España sobre diferentes elementos de la nueva regulación para la pesca en aguas profundas que está siendo negociada en la UE.

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