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13 April, 2021

The Civil Society Forum of Tonga, Te Ipukarea Society, Pacific Islands Association of Non-governmental Organisations (PIANGO), and the Pacific Youth Council have sent a joint letter to Lord Goldsmith, Minister of State for Pacific and the Environment, calling for urgent action to prevent the loss of biodiversity and harmful impacts on livelihoods that would occur if deep-sea mining were to go ahead.

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12 April, 2021

Source: Inhabitat
Author: Teresa Bergen

While more and more cities plan an end to sales of vehicles powered by fossil fuels and car manufacturers announce goals to go all electric, there’s a major complication. Where will all the metal for EV batteries come from? Some companies are looking toward deep-sea mining, which could have a whole new set of dire consequences.

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6 April, 2021

Source: The Star

When Filipino oceanographer Deo Florence Onda and American explorer Victor Vescovo descended into the Emden Deep in the Philippine Trench, the third deepest point in the world, they were met with almost complete stillness.

At a depth of 10,045m, they peered through the small windows of the deep-sea submersible DSV Limiting Factor and watched their surroundings move as if in slow motion.

Vescovo was then surprised when he caught sight of two black eyes staring at them, only to realise they belonged to a teddy bear.

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5 April, 2021

Source: Greenpeace

Clarion Clipperton Zone, Eastern Central Pacific Ocean, 6th April 2021 –Activists on the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior have taken the first-ever action at sea against companies preparing to mine the Pacific Ocean’s seabed. The activists displayed banners reading “Stop Deep Sea Mining” in front of a ship chartered by DeepGreen, one of the companies spearheading the drive to mine the barely explored deep-sea ecosystem.

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