The TerraMar Project

The TerraMar Project has created a tangible identity for the high seas, often referred to as international waters, which can be found outside of all nations jurisdiction. Citizenship provides you with a virtual platform to stand up for millions of marine animals, plants & habitats that have no voice. Together, we will defend the world’s largest ecosystem. International waters cover 45% of our planet, that means 45% of the planet desperately needs your help. Our initial goal is to reach 1 MILLION citizens. Power lies in numbers, and with 1 MILLION citizens behind us we can start to make a difference.

Applying for your free passport will help bring us one step closer to reaching our goals and bring you one step closer to saving the ocean. Sharing is caring with your help we can spread the word and increase citizenship to TerraMar making our shared international waters front page news, trending online and shared throughout the world! The more noise we make the more people will have to pay attention giving our international waters the attention they are due.

Donations to The TerraMar Project support scientific research expeditions and building a vital education platform for the largest and least understood place on earth. TerraMar is comprised of a globally representative group of experts, NGOs and citizens whose mission is to protect the ocean for generations to come. We are members of the High Seas Alliance & the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition.

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