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28 April, 2022

Source: abc7 News

Author: Juan Carlos Guerrero

While zero-emission vehicles are being touted as one solution to our climate crisis, their batteries could also represent an environmental hazard. There’s concern about mining for minerals like cobalt, copper, manganese and nickel that are used in car batteries on the ocean floor. These minerals are found in abundance along a zone that spans from Hawaii to Mexico. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is co-sponsoring legislation to prohibit leases for mining within three miles of the California coast. It’s hoping that inspires bans further into the deep ocean.

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28 April, 2022

Source: Jamaica Observer

Author: Avia Collinder

ISA member states sped up negotiations on the rules to regulate the deep-sea mining industry and met in Kingston, Jamaica, in March 2022. ISA is headquartered in Jamaica’s capital city.

In a release sent to the Jamaica Observer on April 20, Greenpeace said that allegations of lack of independence and transparency between the ISA and the mining industry reinforce the need for a moratorium on deep-sea mining.

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28 April, 2022

Source: ISS Insights

As the energy transition gathers pace around the globe, clean energy technologies are becoming the fastest-growing segment of demand for critical minerals. This essentially concerns electricity and heat generation, energy storage, mobility, and power grids. Solar panels, wind turbines, and electric vehicles commonly contain more minerals and rare earth elements than their fossil fuel-based counterparts.

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25 April, 2022

Source: Eco Business

Author: Jessica Cheam

Oceanographer Dr Sylvia Earle speaks to Eco-Business in this exclusive podcast about the irreversible damage deep sea mining will cause, the link between the oceans and our global climate, and the role that we can all play in ‘being at peace’ with nature.

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22 April, 2022

Source: Esri blog

Author: Dawn Wright

It would be nice to focus on the heartening growth of marine protected areas (MPA) on this Earth Day. However, upcoming United Nations talks on global seabed mining provide a more urgent topic.

We’ve barely finished mapping this biodiversity-rich terrain, and already there’s an effort to exploit it. Research shows that seabed disturbances heighten emissions; estimates by conservationist Enric Sala and colleagues suggest ocean trawling releases one gigaton of CO2 every year. That’s more than the global aviation industry.

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22 April, 2022

Source: Seas At Risk

A new Alliance of Pacific parliamentarians calls on Pacific leaders to protect its territorial waters from deep-sea mining. Their action sets an example for the EU, which continues to address its deep-sea mining precautionary position exclusively to international waters, largely ignoring deep-sea mining risk in European seas.  

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19 April, 2022


An article which appeared in the LA Times today has raised serious concerns about the conduct, integrity and effectiveness of the International Seabed Authority (ISA), the intergovernmental body charged by the UN with safeguarding the deep ocean. 

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