Location: Bordeaux, France September 23-27, 2019

DSCC’s Opening Statement to NAFO


Oceans North and DSCC’s Recommendations to NAFO


Joint letter to the European Commission on closing seamounts to bottom fisheries and unregulated fishing in the NAFO Regulatory Area. From DSCC, WWF EU and Seas at Risk.

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Guillermo Ortuño Crespo, Daniel C. Dunn, Matthew Gianni, Kristina Gjerde, Glen Wright & Patrick N. Halpin

States at the United Nations have begun negotiating a new treaty to strengthen the legal regime for marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction. Failure to ensure the full scope of fish biodiversity is covered could result in thousands of species continuing to slip through the cracks of a fragmented global ocean governance framework.

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DSCC Briefing on International Seabed Authority Draft Exploitation Regulations for Deep Seabed Mining – Duncan E J Currie | June 19

Analysis of Draft International Seabed Authority Exploitation Regulations – Duncan E J Currie | June 19

DSCC Briefing on ISA Observer Status | July 10

  • The DSCC submitted this briefing which contains response to and concerns around proposed on observer status at the International Seabed Authority.
  • Available in English.

DSCC Interventions

July 15 – Item 10 Report of Implementation of 2018 Decision of Council on Reports of LTC Chair

July 15 – Report of Financial Workshop 

July 15 – Draft Regulations Part 1

July 17 – Item 11: Draft Regulations

July 17 – Draft Regulations Part IV

July 22 – Item 6: Observer guidelines

July 23 – Item 9: Secretary-General report

July 24 – Item 10: High Level Action Plan

July 26 – Item 6: Observer guidelines

July 26 – Item 11: Commemoration of ISA’s 25th anniversary

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