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These comments were made by the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition on the release of the Draft Regulations on Exploitation of Mineral Resources in the Area, the accompanying Note by the Legal and Technical Commission of the International Seabed Authority. They first make some overall observations which are applicable to the overall regulations and their structure, then make comments on individual draft regulations.

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DSCC first intervention Day 2 on Regulations – Overall Structure – 17 July 2018

DSCC second intervention Day 2 on Part I and Preamble – 17 July 2018

DSCC third intervention Day 2 – 17 July 2018

DSCC fourth intervention Day 3 on Part III- 18 July 2018

DSCC afternoon intervention Day 3 on Part IV, V, VI – 18 July 2018

DSCC intervention Day 4 on Netherlands paper -19 July 2018

DSCC intervention Day 4 on the report of the Chair of the LTC – 19 July 2018

DSCC morning intervention Day 6 – 23 July 2018

DSCC intervention Day 8 on Agenda item 7: Report of the Secretary-General – 25 July 2018

DSCC intervention Day 8 on strategic report item 8 – 25 July 2018

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A summary prepared by the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition of the paper published in February 2017, in the scientific journal Elementa, by Andrew K. Sweetman, Andrew R. Thurber, Craig R. Smith, Lisa A. Levin, Camilo Mora, Chih-Lin Wei, Andrew J. Gooday, Daniel O. B. Jones, Michael Rex, Moriaki Yasuhara, Jeroen Ingels, Henry A. Ruhl, Christina A. Frieder, Roberto Danovaro, Laura Würzberg, Amy Baco, Benjamin M. Grupe, Alexis Pasulka, Kirstin S. Meyer, Katherine M. Dunlop, Lea-Anne Henry and J. Murray Roberts.

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