New Research Into the Impact of Climate Change and Human Activity on the Ocean and Its Ecosystems

Date: July 31, 2017

A summary prepared by the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition of the paper published in February 2017, in the scientific journal Elementa, by Andrew K. Sweetman, Andrew R. Thurber, Craig R. Smith, Lisa A. Levin, Camilo Mora, Chih-Lin Wei, Andrew J. Gooday, Daniel O. B. Jones, Michael Rex, Moriaki Yasuhara, Jeroen Ingels, Henry A. Ruhl, Christina A. Frieder, Roberto Danovaro, Laura Würzberg, Amy Baco, Benjamin M. Grupe, Alexis Pasulka, Kirstin S. Meyer, Katherine M. Dunlop, Lea-Anne Henry and J. Murray Roberts.

Available in: English

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