7 April, 2022

Source: Herald

Author: Guy Rogers

Scientists are exploring deep sea refuges, southwest of Gqeberha in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province, and their importance to the said the site and its importance to the kingklip, a species of cusk eel that occurs along the South African Coast.

Marine biologist Prof Kerry Sink said that the kinglips unusual “drumming” method of communication underlined the need for progressive new thinking about underwater noise pollution from activities like offshore gas and petroleum seismic surveys.

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9 March, 2022

Source: Endangered Species Foundation

Author: Natalie Jessup

We are excited to announce that The Endangered Species Foundation has today joined the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition as our newest member.

The Endangered Species Foundation supports high-priority conservation initiatives that protect New Zealand’s most vulnerable, indigenous species from extinction and supports the DSCC in its aims to substantially reduce the greatest threats to deep sea life.

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1 March, 2022

Source: The Pew Charitable Trusts

For the first time, we have a comprehensive overview of the gaps in our knowledge about ocean areas targeted for deep-sea mining and how they could be impacted. New research published today in the journal Marine Policy shows that the science is insufficient to support evidence-based decision-making should mining move forward. 

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