Key statements from States – 29/7/22

Date: 29 July 2022

Ghana (on behalf of the African Group)

  • Supported the operationalisation of an Economic Planning Committee (EPC) “as soon as possible.”
  • The delegation stated that “As the recent United Nations Oceans conference has highlighted, there is a need to scale up ocean action based on science for the implementation of SDG 14 and the preservation and protection of the marine environment.”
  • Ghana supported the approval of the ISA’s MOU with the African Union and requested member states to support the MOU.


  • On operationalising an EPC, the delegation stated that “we cannot at this stage forecast revenue from deep-sea mining so this is premature.”


  • The delegation highlighted the absence of certain experts in the ISA’s Legal and Technical Commission, including economic accountants, economists commercial engineers, lawyers, experts in private law and environmental ecologists.


  • The UK stated that “we think that the time has come to take the steps to put the [economic planning] committee in place as the council and the ISA takes forward. It’s important work.”


  • The delegation stated that the “economic planning commission would contribute a level of expertise that would be complementary to the current work on financial mechanisms of a contract as well as the various mechanisms that will be implemented for the distribution of benefits at the point of exploitation.”


  • Stated that discussing “EPC operationalisation now is a little premature.”

Costa Rica

  • Supported the operationalisation of an EPC commenting that it is very important to jump start it so can start developing policies as well as carrying out functions of assessments on price of minerals and supply and demand.


  • The delegation stated that it is “a little too soon to create EPC, conditions are not yet there.”


  • Supported the operationalisation of the EPC


  • Stated that the EPC should be operationalised before the first plan of work for exploitation is agreed


  • The delegation stated that “the time has come to start establishing the EPC.”


  • Supported the operationalisation of the EPC, “given that the mining exploitation of seabeds could begin in the near future.”


  • Called for operationalisation of EPC before approval of 1st plan of work for exploitation.

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