30 June, 2020

Presentation title: The evolution of international law and the regulation of activities on the high seas in the deep ocean: a conservation perspective.

This presentation was delivered by Matthew Gianni, DSCC Policy Advisor, to the Energy, Environmental and Climate Committee of the Belgium Parliament on 24 June 2020.

9 June, 2020

The deep sea is the largest biome on Earth. This mysterious and varied place makes up 90% of the marine environment and plays a vital role in regulating our planetary systems, not least by absorbing and storing vast quantities of the carbon dioxide emitted into the air by human activity.

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3 February, 2020

On February 3, 2020, the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition issued a memo to over 100 Permanent Missions to the United Nations and related organizations in New York. The memo refers to a workshop entitled “To explore the Case for Sourcing Battery Metals from Ocean Nodules and Nori’s Program to Assess Environmental and Social Impacts” scheduled for 5-6 February 2020 in San Diego and organized by speculative deep-sea mining companies DeepGreen and NORI.

In a rush to move this industry forward, proponents such as the workshop organizers have positioned the discussion around the questions of “when and how”, rather than the more fundamental question of “if” deep-sea mining should ever be permitted, and under what circumstances.  Individuals and organizations around the world are increasingly calling for a moratorium on deep-sea mining out of concern for the damage it would cause to the fragile and yet-undiscovered ecosystems and species of the deep, and in the context of the urgent need to leave behind the extractive economic model in favour of a transformational approach that respects our planetary boundaries.

In this memo, we have compiled at a topline level some of the key arguments against the need for deep-sea mining.

Read the memo here (PDF).

14 October, 2019

The following are comments on the 2019 ISA Exploitation Regulations.

The submission is in three sections:
Firstly, an Overview, setting out key problems and issues to be addressed;
Secondly, a commentary on changes made to this version compared to the previous version;
and Thirdly, an article-by-article analysis in Annex A in a tabular format.

26 July, 2019

DSCC Briefing on International Seabed Authority Draft Exploitation Regulations for Deep Seabed Mining – Duncan E J Currie | June 19

Analysis of Draft International Seabed Authority Exploitation Regulations – Duncan E J Currie | June 19

DSCC Briefing on ISA Observer Status | July 10

  • The DSCC submitted this briefing which contains response to and concerns around proposed on observer status at the International Seabed Authority.
  • Available in English.

DSCC Interventions

July 15 – Item 10 Report of Implementation of 2018 Decision of Council on Reports of LTC Chair

July 15 – Report of Financial Workshop 

July 15 – Draft Regulations Part 1

July 17 – Item 11: Draft Regulations

July 17 – Draft Regulations Part IV

July 22 – Item 6: Observer guidelines

July 23 – Item 9: Secretary-General report

July 24 – Item 10: High Level Action Plan

July 26 – Item 6: Observer guidelines

July 26 – Item 11: Commemoration of ISA’s 25th anniversary

18 June, 2019

The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition’s (DSCC) 2018 Report informs on Deep- Sea Fisheries, Deep- Sea Mining and International Ocean Governance.


Available in English.