24 January, 2018

Sixty-six marine conservationorganizations, animal protection organizations, and leading academics recently issued a joint letter to Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) chair Werner Kiene. They are criticizing the MSC for its failure to improve the label’s Principle 2 (“Environmental and Ecological Impacts”) standards.

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8 January, 2018

Oxygen concentrations inboth the open ocean and coastal waters havebeen declining since at least the middle of the20th century. This oxygen loss, or deoxygenation, is one of the most important changes occurring in an ocean increasingly modified by humanactivities that have raised temperatures, CO2 levels, and nutrient inputs and have altered the abundances and distributions of marine species.

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11 December, 2017

Not only is our ocean home to amazing wildlife, it provides us with livelihoods, food and every second breath we take. As this inspirational series ends we have an obligation to think about how we can all help to protect our ocean, personally through our own actions and as global citizens.

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13 July, 2017

Authored by Dr. L Woodall, Dr. C Stewart, Prof. A Rogers. University of Oxford

The Zoological Department of Oxford University has reviewed and synthesised major marine science findings which have been published since Rio+20 in 2012. The purpose of this synthesis is to determine how our understanding of the ocean at an Earth System level, with a particular focus on the role of the high seas, has changed in the last five years. The synthesis has highlighted conclusions from 271 published papers and reports relevant to the functions of the ocean.

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