The ISA has issued three sets of draft guidelines and standards for deep-sea mining for public comment. These are the ‘Draft guideline on the preparation and assessment of an application for the approval of a Plan of Work for exploitation’; the ‘Draft standard and guidelines on the development and application of environmental management systems’; and the ‘Draft standard and guidelines on the form and calculation of an environmental performance guarantee’.

Below is the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition comments on these draft guidelines and standards.

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International Seabed Authority


15th October 2020

The SC8 meeting, hosted by New Zealand, is being held remotely from 3 to 8 October 2020. The Chairperson of the SC is Dr Jim Ianelli (USA) and the Vice Chairperson is Mr Niels Hintzen (EU). All official meeting documents and other relevant information can be found on the SPRFMO SC8 webpage.

Presentations to Deep Water Working Group

Presentations to the Scientific Committee

DSCC Interventions

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South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation


1st October 2020

The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition’s (DSCC) 2019 Report informs on Fisheries, Deep Seabed Mining and Ocean Governance.

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24th September 2020

The DSCC wrote this letter to the Acting President of the ISA Council, respectfully requesting that Observers be notified of all deliberations taking place under the silence procedure, including prospective decisions.

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International Seabed Authority


22nd September 2020

This is the formal written submission from the DSCC to the virtual European sub-regional consultation process on the implementation of the United Nations Environment Assembly Resolution 4/19 on Mineral Resource Governance, submitted September 10, 2020.

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10th September 2020

DSCC Paper for the Eighth Meeting of the Scientific Committee of the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation

Seamounts, VMEs And Spatial Management | By Professor Les Watling and Emeritus Professor Peter J. Auster

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South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation


26th August 2020

Plans for the world’s first deep sea mine are taking shape in the waters off Papua New Guinea. The ocean floor is rich in gold, copper and other minerals in big demand around the world. But some scientists warn that digging up the seabed will destroy marine life, and Sir David Attenborough is among those objecting. BBC News science editor David Shukman reports.

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Deep-Sea Mining


27th July 2020

Mining of the deep seabed beyond national jurisdiction, known as the Area, is administered by the International Seabed Authority (ISA) and may be carried out by a contractor sponsored by a State Party. It is vital that States consider the complex legal risks, responsibilities and potential liability for damage that can arise from the sponsorship of seabed mining activities in the Area | Author: Duncan Currie LL.B. (Hons.) LL.M

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International Seabed Authority


23rd July 2020

Presentation title: The evolution of international law and the regulation of activities on the high seas in the deep ocean: a conservation perspective.

This presentation was delivered by Matthew Gianni, DSCC Policy Advisor, to the Energy, Environmental and Climate Committee of the Belgium Parliament on 24 June 2020.

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30th June 2020

The deep sea is the largest biome on Earth. This mysterious and varied place makes up 90% of the marine environment and plays a vital role in regulating our planetary systems, not least by absorbing and storing vast quantities of the carbon dioxide emitted into the air by human activity.

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9th June 2020