13 April, 2022

Source: Policy Options

Author: Susanna Fuller, Catherine Coumans, Nicole Zanesco

From the Atlantic, across the Arctic, to the Pacific, Canadians and Indigenous peoples rely on the ocean for food, income and connection to our cultures and histories. But the ocean does not stop at the boundary demarcating our national waters, and neither do the species that thrive there.

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26 January, 2022

Source: Canada’s National Observer

Author: Natasha Bulowski

This is critical time for the protection of the deep, as the International Seabed Authority (ISA) considers the conditions for launching deep sea mining activities as soon as June of next year. With one of the longest coastlines in the world, Canada positions itself as a leader in marine protection, and yet so far, the country has been largely absent from these crucial discussions.

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1 June, 2018

Source: Creamer Media’s Mining Weekly
Author: Dylan Slater

Deep-sea mining is yet to become a major activity, and not much is known about undersea mineral deposits. However, some in the mining industry claim that the deep seafloor could be host to an abundant, untapped resource of highly sought-after commodities that may be relatively easy to access once machinery has been developed to operate under high pressures in submerged environments and salty water.

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4 January, 2018

Source: Arctic Now
Author: Nunatsiaq News

Three new marine refuges off Nunavut’s coasts are intended to make “a lasting contribution to marine conservation in Canada” by forbidding the practice of bottom trawling or dragging by fishing boats, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans has announced.

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23 September, 2016

Varadero, Cuba—The 38th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO) concluded today in Varadero, Cuba. This year, expectations were high that NAFO Contracting Parties would take further measures to protect elements of the marine ecosystem and vulnerable sharks and skates, and environmentalists at the Ecology Action Centre, who attended as the only civil society observers, are pleased to see that some of these measures will be moving forward.  

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