29 September, 2020

Source: Stuff.co.nz
Author: Andrea Vance

Vast fishing nets have hauled up 29 species of delicate coral from the still, dark depths of New Zealand’s oceans.

And conservationists are warning that the Government has abandoned protection of the sea bed in favour of expanding bottom trawling.

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30 January, 2013

The DSCC welcomes the approach towards transparency that SPRFMO negotiations have taken to date, both within the meetings and by publicising and reviewing impact assessments, and informed them that they look forward to a continuance of transparency now that the Convention is in force. 

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13 November, 2008

Update on the implementation of UN GA Res/61/105 With the sustainable fisheries negotiations resuming next week, below is a compilation of the latest news from recent RFMO meetings and their progress towards implementation of UNGA Resolution 61/105 paragraphs 83-86 on the protection of vulnerable marine ecosystems from high seas bottom fishing.  

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